Our vision is to nurture, groom and educate global future leaders.
This vision has compelled us to keep improving on our facilities, faculty members and delivery processes since inception and continuously.


Our mission is to create an enabling atmosphere where adequate and appropriate learning techniques are used to prepare children for future educational challenges.


Our curriculum is a professional integration of British and Nigeria curricula at the grade level classes and British (EYFS) and Montessori curricula at the preschool level. The reason for this is our passion to breed great future leaders with a global perspective

Admission for 2019/2020 academic session now opens into:

  1. Reception 1 and 2 Classes (Ages 12 months  –  3 years)
  2. Nursery 1 and 2 Classes    (Ages 3 years  – 5 years)
  3. Grade Level Classes 1 – 6 (Ages 5 years and above)
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31, Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos

RSKS Offers you:

Dynamic, Practical and Affordable Education that integrates Nigeria, British and the Montessori Curricula

Our Facilities

The curriculum we run compels us to employ high technology and interactive classrooms. The top-notch teaching and learning equipment such as IP Boards (IWBs), laptops and tablets, 24/7 power supply and internet connectivity, Software applications and the hands-on materials we use, have made learning fun, interactive, engaging and highly productive at RSKS.

Our pupils stand out among their contemporaries.



RSK is a good school,its a place where children learn enough worthwhile things to make a strong start in life, where a foundation is laid that supports later learning, and where children develop the desire to learn more. Specifically, RSK mirrors the realities of life in an ordered environment; it is rational and safe, a practice ground for the things people do in the outside world. The school creates a sense of community that permits personal expression within a framework of social responsibility. It focuses on learning that grow through use--with or without more schooling--such as communication skills, decision making, craftsmanship, and group interaction. It makes children think of themselves as people who find strength, nourishment, and joy in learning. I can compare because my Son and Daughter school foundation was different.My Daughter started RSK when she was just 1 yr & 3mths and it was amazing what she learns and bring home to demonstrate.It was really exiting for us as parents to hear our kids at that age reads 1-20 and also know her colors and shapes.My Son on the other hand had a different foundation from another school.I had to move my son to RSK and i could see a turn-around.The Teachers at RSK are professional and have a one on one connections with the Kids. This is a school that builds a child from foundation
_EJIROGHENE ERO, Associate Marketing